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Why This Workout?

Here’s why our workout plan is tailored perfectly for you:

Physical Transformation

Our expertly designed workouts are more than just exercises; they’re a joyful celebration of your body’s capabilities. We incorporate a variety of tools, including bodyweight, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Pilates, Animal Flow, and Yoga, ensuring a diverse and engaging fitness experience. Each session is mindfully selected, not only to help you break a sweat but also to deepen your connection with your body. With science and fun working hand in hand, we create a powerful fitness journey that’s truly exceptional.

Enhanced Awareness

Klub Pro Membership helps you create and deepen your awareness around your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs related to fitness and wellness. Through science-based techniques rooted in Quantum Physics and Subtle Energy, we empower you to elevate your Awareness Quotient. This heightened awareness allows you to align your actions with your goals consistently, ensuring a more profound and mindful approach to your well-being.

Elevated Happiness

Our unique approach enables you to transform your daily life by redefining the way you make decisions. As you create new neural pathways in your brain, your mindset aligns with your deepest desires. This alignment unleashes your authentic energy, raising your inner happiness quotient.

Urmi Kothari's journey is nothing short of remarkable.

She transitioned from an MBA graduate to a professional dancer and emerged as a fitness expert, Energy coach, and the founder of Kinetic Living in 2012.

With 25 years of experience in fitness and movement, Urmi holds the distinction of being Mumbai’s first Nike Coach. She’s not just a trainer; she’s a Trainers’ Trainer, certified in various training modalities like Kettlebells, Pilates, Animal Flow, and Barefoot Training. Her journey also includes 14 years of practising yoga and Kalaripayattu, coupled with a cumulative 11 years of meditation and fitness expertise.

Urmi has also made her mark as a dynamic speaker, having graced stages like TEDx and the Human Edge Longevity Summit.

With Urmi Kothari, you’re not just getting a fitness coach; you’re embarking on an interactive journey to transform your life. Join her and unleash your full potential!

Urmi Kothari's journey is nothing short of remarkable.


Energy 101


After energy coaching with Urmi, I started just taking a pause, really thinking of what I am doing in all aspects of my life. Many times I felt I was being overwhelmed at so many things, so it felt like time just flows from one day to another.. The exercises she helped me with, just assisted me with the pause. Urmi just lets you into her safe space, and lets you think and be. I am glad that I started the energy coaching, as they say everything is energy!


It's been a refreshing change, honestly. Having a structured routine that provides for some flow between the day is definitely working for me. I'm less anxious, can be more productive in the allotted time for structure and best part- even during the flow times I allotted for myself, I chose to do things that gave me joy rather than binging a tv series!


After energy coaching with Urmi, MOST of the time I have ... Started to take a pause before flowing into the day. This is what I'm most grateful for, because nobody really talks about that space which looks like nothing but it makes the rest of decision making so much more intentional. Stopped (doing / feeling / thinking) ...Judging my deviations, my negative self talk is actively lessening, and my self-sabotaging binges are also in check.


After energy coaching with Urmi, MOST of the time I have ... Stopped talking negatively about my food choice. If I feel like eating some of the junk food I will allow myself to eat without any guilt and get back to my good food choices with my next meal.