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Coach Urmi

12 years work experience


Urmi Kothari is a MBA- turned professional dancer turned Fitness expert, Energy coach and Founder of Kinetic Living (2012). With a background in fitness and movement since 25 years, she is also Mumbai’s first Coach affiliated with brands like Nike and Apple. Mumbai’s first Nike Coach, She is a Trainers’ Trainer in Functional Training since 2014, Energy Coach and certified in Training modal- ities like Kettlebells, Pilates, Animal Flow, Barefoot Training. She has been practising yoga and Kalaripayattu since 14 years and has learnt, practised and taught different forms of meditation and fit- ness since cumulative of 11 years.

  • Master Trainer (IFAA ) for Functional Training
  • Nike Certified Trainer for Nike
  • Energy Coach from the Coaching Institute
  • Certified Sound Healer with Singing Bowls.
  • Certified STOTT Mat Pilates.
  • Participation in STOTT Reformer Course.
  • Certified Kettlebell Instructor (EKFA, IKFF, ACSM).
  • Certified Animal Flow Instructor (L1).
  • Certified Barefoot Training Specialist (L1).
  • Certified in Marathon Training (ACSM).
  • Certified Core Conditioning by STOTT.
Stage Speaking Engagement Highlights:
  • Speaker at Facebook Women for Body Positivity in 2021.
  • FICCI Flo for Women in 2021.
  • TEDx Speaker at Bits Pilani in 2019.
  • Human Edge Longevity Summit in March 2023.
  • July 2022 -At MOM POWER 360 Conference in Bangalore for Mothers and Women Entrepreneurs in the presence of Esteemed Dr. Madhu Chopra (Priyanka Chopra’s Mother).
  • At IIMUN – India’s International Movement to Unite Nations.
  • At Thomas Cook Holidays in 2019.
Corporate Workshops.
  • July 2023 – For Ogilvy for their nationwide team in Movement and Productivity.
  • June 2023- Tllid for their clients in Australia.
  • March 2023- At Wipro in June 2023 for health and productivity.
  • At Lifeplugin Summit as a Morning Movement Session Facilitator ( 2019, 2021, 2022).
  • At Deutsch Bank Khar Branch on Wellness at Workplace (Feb 2020).
  • Featured on Netflix (Represented India in Ultimate Beast Master), Vogue, The Hindu, Elle, India Today, Femina, Mumbai Mirror, Times of India and many other publications.
  1. Winner of Women’s Global Leader Award by National Leadership Congress 2023 Feb.
  2. Iconic Achiever Award by GCC Asia in September 2021.
  3. Winner of TOI SHE Unlimited Entrepreneur Award in the fitness and wellness category in August 2020.
  4. Winner of Super Achiever Award by National Leadership Congress in Feb 2019. 
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Meet Our Team

Palak Bansal

6 years work experience

Palak has spent 4 years being mentored by Urmi on her coaching and is one of our best coaches. She is known for her recovery based yoga sessions and kicking students’ butts in HIIT sessions.

Qualifications: ACSM CPT, TTC from the Yoga Institute, Animal Flow L1 Coach - Specialty - Functional Training and Yoga

Her motto: Fitness is more than just losing weight and aesthetic goals. Consistency is key.

1:1 Personal Trainings

Kamlesh Negi

2 years work experience

Kamlesh Negi has completed his CPT from ACSM. He is a footballer and has competed and won Obstacle Course Running (OCR) Events in India like Devils Circuit. Kamlesh has been practising Calisthenics since 6 years. He is mentored by Urmi since 1 year and believes in investing in his physical, mental and spiritual growth.

Specialty: Bodyweight Functional training, strength training for calisthenics, agility training

His motto: The Limit Does Not Exist.

1:1 Personal Trainings

Kayan Daruvala

3 years work experience

Kayan is a great example of the kind of passion for fitness and learning that we create in our students. She is a certified Functional Training Coach under Urmi herself and has completed IKFF Kettlebell course. She is continually upgrading her knowledge in mobility, posture and technique.

Her motto: Slow is Fast. Fast is Smooth.

1:1 Personal Trainings


4 years work experience

200 hrs YTT from Bodhi School of Yoga, and currently pursuing 300 hours. She is our-in house Yoga teacher at Kinetic Living since 6 months. She is also a Functional Fitness Coach who loves to use weights in her sessions.

1:1 Personal Trainings

Kinetic Living Code for Coaches


  • This is a growth mindset and learning mindset based organization.
  • We want to do best for our clients.
  • We expect mental agility and flexible attitude from our trainers.
  • We strive to give the best quality coaching and encouraging environment for our students.
  • We believe in having GENUINE care for our students and not just doing a job.

1. Learning:
focus on learning more on the job. as well as not getting bogged down by low phases in work and pushing together as a team by developing the attitude to learn from the situation than point to problems.

2. Genuine Care:
when you genuinely care for students, your focus and connection with students goes to the next level. At Kinetic Living, we pride ourselves in bringing that to every session.

3. Positive attitude:
You are either part of the problem. Or part of the solution. you can only last at kinetic living if you are the latter.

4. Honesty and Integrity:
Do a good job even when no one is looking. Do your work to the best possible capacity even when KL is not monitoring.

5. Transparent communication:
Clear out issues be it tech issues or issues related to your job satisfaction or simple obstacles in learning or coaching, say it and say it kindly and fairly.

6. Grit:
Never say die spirit. The pandemic has really tested our sportsman spirit and we have come out stronger and wiser. We expect our team (KL Crew) to be driven, motivated and be creative in ways they achieve results.

Personal Training

Vriti (Coach - Kayan)

I’ve been training with Kayan from late 2018, omg it’s been so many years. We took our time to get to know each other and build a rapport but today I can honestly say Kayan’s more than a coach to me. While on ground we focus on movement, form, flow and building strength. At a subliminal level she’s always pushing me to be more in sync with my body and mind — to listen more deeply - rest and pause when needed, to push when she sees I can.

More and more through our journey together I’m learning everyday how important these workouts are for my mental health, overall mood and in building discipline in a healthy way. We talk about all aspects of fuelling the body - food, sleep, energy and work through different seasons based on what works best in the moment.

I wouldn’t trade out these 60 mins for anything else. It’s especially fun when Kayan’s planned some surprises to shake up a morning routine. And p.s. she’s always watching like a hawk - can’t cheat your way out

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Vidya (Coach - Kayan)

I’ve been training with Kayan for 3 months now, and the sessions are the BOMB! We work on both skill and strength and each workout is tailored to focus on different parts of the body (upper, lower and core) with some bursts of cardio as well. Every workout is different with varied props (Band, Chair, weights etc) so that it never gets boring. Kayan makes the sessions challenging enough that I’m motivated to push a little more every day but without being fearful of bad form or injury. The classes are so much fun that time flies by and has become one of my favourite ways to start my day. It’s also great that I can train virtually from the comfort of my own home without missing the access to equipments in a professional gym

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Ankita (Coach - Kayan)

Training with Kayan over the course of the last month and a half has really changed the way I look at my body and fitness in general, for the better. Aside from being always punctual, well structured and meticulous about the workouts she plans for me, her attention to detail is impeccable - whether it is about how my wrist aligns with myshoulder or how my knees cave in when I lunge. She understands that my fitness journey is meant to be long term and sustainable and at the same time she pushes me to lift more, rep more when she knows I can. I love that most about training with her. She honours my need for rest and lighter vs harder days. No matter how I feel, all I have to do is show up and I know I’ll have a great class. I highly recommend training with her for YOU to understand where your body is at and at the same time, how far it can go 🙂

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Pooja (Coach - Kayan)

Working with Kayan has been kickass. She literally kicks my ass and teaches me to kick some ! She has been a strong influence in shaping up my mindset to keep pushing my limits and believe that results will follow. I can feel the change in my capacity and my body. I look forward to her sessions and the sweet pain that follows 🙂

Sumedha (Coach - Kayan)

I have been training with Kayan and Coach Urmi for a month and a half now. And the attention to detail is just amazing. They are there with you everyday and every way you want. My health and fitness is their priority and I can see the results in one month itself. I feel a lot lighter and have lesser pain.It’s a great experience and journey with Kayan.

Prashant (Coach Rao - Palak)

I have been training with Palak for 4 years now . Of the several things to appreciate about her coaching style is that she makes you aware of your body, it’s strengths and problem areas . It is under her watchful tutelage that I went from a running only fitness practitioner to a believer in strength training and well rounded training. Including of course the absolute necessity of a proper warm up and stretches and cool down . I would highly recommend Palak as a coach.

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Vidya (Coach - palak)

My Animal Flow Saturdays with Palak are almost meditative, I enjoy the amount of focus needed to learn new moves and to just observe what the body is capable of. Palak is a patient and focused coach, gently motivating you to achieve what you didn’t think is possible. Palak never believes that a move is not possible for you and always guides you into making it happen, she also ensures that you build the mobility required to flow better and deeper through the session. It’s been a great experience to learn this new skill with Palak

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Kevin (Coach - palak)

I started working out for the first time at the age of 33 and wanted to do it under the guidance of a professional and hence took to PT with Palak. She has been immensely helpful in my journey towards fitness goals. She provides just the right amount of challenge and encouragement that is suitable for my levels but also pushes me further.

I would highly recommend Palak, irrespective of where you are in your fitness journey. I aim to continue training with her and maintain a good level of fitness in the future.

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Suraj (Coach - Kamlesh)

I had started personal training with Kamlesh almost a year ago, from not being able to a pull up / push up properly, I’ve come along way to now being able to do clap push ups and various other forms of calisthenics. All thanks to Kamlesh and his hard work. He definitely goes above and beyond. Every month depending on how well my body is adapting he used to switch the workouts making it not only challenging but also interesting. Really lucky to have someone like Kamlesh.

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Prateek (Coach - Palak)

I have been a lot more active and mobile, and actually look forward to my sessions with her! Another thing of note is that, inspite of our classes being online for the past 12 months now, there is practically no impact on the quality of training.

Sanjay (Coach - Kamlesh)

I had started personal training with Kamlesh almost a year ago, from not being able to a pull up / push up properly, I’ve come along way to now being able to do clap push ups and various other forms of calisthenics. All thanks to Kamlesh and his hard work. He definitely goes above and beyond. Every month depending on how well my body is adapting he used to switch the workouts making it not only challenging but also interesting. Really lucky to have someone like Kamlesh.

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